HRM and Customer Services

HRM and Customer Services are two closely intertwined areas within organizations, which are too often treated separately. When the level of service is being increased, not only will the (internal) customers be more satisfied, but also the employees will become more involved with their product and will more easily take up their own responsibility.

I also, therefore, look at HRM projects in the context of Customer Services. And vice versa: I look at the Customer Services projects in the context of HRM. In doing so, I provide you with an integrated project approach. This is good for business, good for customers, good for employees and good for efficiency.
Moreover, this approach leads to surprising solutions, which would not surface easily using separate approaches. In this way, change is not a threat, but a joint search for creative new ways of working.

My experience is that the readiness to change increases with an integrated approach: people involved will sooner understand the usefulness and necessity of the proposed change. As a result of their involvement during the process of change, they can also influence the final outcome.