The working method of Bering Interim Management is characterized by a human approach to a business problem.

Process analysis
After having thoroughly studied the problem of an organization I will come up with my first analysis. After verifying this analysis with you, as a sponsor, I will provide you with various solutions. During this process stakeholders (such as management, employees, works council, trade unions) will be involved as much as possible.
By presenting creative outside-the-box solutions, new opportunities will be created. Much attention will be paid to the practicality of the solution, as well as to cost and cost savings, implementation and aftercare.

Human approach
I disentangle processes. I motivate and enthuse people by actively involving them in the changes and by addressing their talents. In this process I show a distinct sense of humour, I decrease barriers and fears, I give confidence and I do not walk away from difficult questions. I communicate easily at all levels and can quickly switch between abstract long-term plans and concrete daily details. Tangible results of my creative approach are: improved, directly applicable processes, cost savings and satisfied customers and employees.

Because of my broad experience, I am employable as a management consultant, project manager, change manager and executive manager.

Even though I operate independently, I also have good connections with a number of nationally operating interim management agencies. If your assignment is very large or requires additional expertise, we can jointly determine whether additional capacity of other agencies is needed and to what extent.